Software projects are complex. Our consultancy service helps you to really understand your projects. Our work, which is based on international standard measurement techniques, estimates, manages, and benchmarks software development processes and products.

Software Project Cost Estimates

Wrong cost estimates lead to chaos. Our software development estimation uses historical data, either your own or industry data, before a project starts, to estimate how much a project will cost.

Our work is objective. We use ISO standard techniques to measure the functional size of your project. We then combine the size with relevant industry productivity data and sophisticated parametric estimation tools to determine the effort, cost and schedule to develop your project.

SCOPE Management - Project Governance

Change inevitably occurs while a project runs. The changes can cause conflict between partners who need to pay fairly for variations. We analyse changes' impact to calculate fair prices for the changes.

Benchmarking Software Development

Benchmarking demonstrates to a business how productive its software development group is. Benchmarking compares the cost of your completed projects to an industry-based estimate of the same projects' cost.

We work with you to identify the relevant productivity and quality of your environment and to compare your software development productivity with industry peers.