Function Point Resources

Total Metrics is recognized internationally for their work in establishing standards in the area of Functional Size Measurement, particularly in the IFPUG CPM and COSMIC Methodologies. We are committed to the vision that Functional Size Measurement will be performed consistently and accurately across the world of IT. To this this end we provide to our users as many resources as we can to assist this process and to make Functional Sizing the method of choice when organizations choose to quantify their software assets. 

Resources arrowFree Function Point Case Study

Resources arrowFunction Point FAQ
Total Metrics experts interpret the rules and guidelines in the IFPUG CPM to answer some of FPAs most difficult counting issues

Resources arrowFree Function Point Tool
Use this FREE software online to lead you through the rules in the CPM to answer your current counting problem

Resources arrowCFPS Exam
Practice Exams to help you pass IFPUG CFPS certification - helps puts you in the 60% of examinees who pass the exam

Resources arrowWhat are Function Points?
Overview of IFPUG Function Point Analysis

Resources arrowDocumentation to Support FPA Process
Templates that define the full Procedure for the process of implementing FPA in your organisation

Resources arrowCounting at Different Levels of Accuracy
Guide to a standard method of determining how to count for different purposes

Resources arrowWhich Functional Size Method to Use?
Guide for the criteria to choose a Functional Size Measurement Method

Resources arrowComparison of IFPUG and COSMIC
Similarities and differences between these ISO standard methods

Resources arrowHow to use FP Metrics in a Project
How Function Point based measurement can be used across the project lifecycle

Resources arrowResources to Implement a Metrics Program
The resources your organisation needs to commit to implement an FPA based Measurement Process

Resources arrowUses Benefits Function Points
The resources your organisation needs to commit to implement an FPA based Measurement Process

Resources arrowCOSMIC-FFP & IFPUG-Similarities & Differences