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Despite the fact tens of hundreds of organizations worldwide have implemented function point based metrics into their software development and maintenance environments few have introduced a formal validation or verification process into the process. For other types of software measures, validation of data is not an issue, since with only minimal training people can usually record their time, costs and resource consumption accurately and reliably.

In comparison the measure of the ‘work product produced’ is not so straightforward. The software product itself is intangible and the current IFPUG rules to measure it, whilst appearing simple are quite difficult to apply without considerable practice and even then may be open to variable interpretations. Counting function points takes practice before people count correctly and repeatably. Before their results can be accepted into the metrics repository they need to complete a formal review process. Total Metrics developed the first published formal review process for Validating Function Points in conjunction with the Canadian Company SELAM. We have since provided training in this area worldwide and at IFPUG conferences since 1997.


The purpose of the Validation and Review manual is to provide a concise set of easy to read guidelines that would assist in:

  • verifying that the FPA counts have been performed and documented according to your organization’sstandards
  • verifying that counts are being performed on the appropriate projects/applications, at the appropriate times and by appropriate personnel
  • validating the correctness and completeness of the counts using the Total Metrics’Validation methodology
  • identifying when, how and who performs the verification and validation procedures.


The intended audience for the manual/s would be:

  • Metrics Team Coordinator
  • Core Metrics Team Members who will perform audit and quality assurance functions.

Attendance at one-day Total Metrics training course in the audit and validation process is a highly recommended pre-requisite to performing FPA reviews. Price is available on application.

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Contents Details

Function Point Count Review and Validation Procedure


1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose

1.2 Scope

1.3 Background

1.4 References

1.5 Count Review Roles and Responsibilities

1.5.1 Function Point Coordinator

1.5.2 Application / Project Manager

1.5.3 Function Point Reviewer

1.5.4 Function Point Counter

1.5.5 Applications Expert

2 Planning for the Review

2.1 Review Scheduling

2.2 Conduct of Review

2.3 Review Source Information

2.3.1 Source Information

2.3.2 Count Background

2.3.3 Count Strategy

2.3.4 Results Documentation Count Reports Count Documentation Software Attributes

3 Review Process

3.1 Review Scope

3.2 Review Start-up

3.3 High Level Validation

3.3.1 Check Count Strategy Logical Not Physical Approach Quality of Information Supplied to the Count FPA Applicable for Functional Domain Version of FPA Rules

3.3.2 Check Count Environment Count Purpose Application Boundary Count Scope Type of Count

3.3.3 Check Reasonableness of Size (Development and Baseline Counts Only) Compare Size Predicted by other Similar Applications Effort to Develop Effort to Support Volume of Documentation

3.3.4 Check the Value Adjustment Factor

3.3.5 Enhancement Projects

3.3.6 High Level Validation Result

3.4 Intermediate Level Validation Examine the Relationship Between the Number of Logical Files and the Unadjusted Function Point Size

3.4.1 Examine the Ratio of Types of Functions

3.4.2 Examine the Percentage Contribution to Size of the Function Types

3.4.3Examine the Complexity of the Function Types

3.5 Low Level Validation

3.5.1 Examine the Data Business Functions

3.5.2 Low Level Validation of Data for Enhancement Counts Check Changed Data Transactions Check Deleted Transactions Check the ‘Type’ of Impacted Transactions Check the Complexity of Impacted Transactions

3.5.3 Examine the Elementary Processes

3.5.4 Low Level Validation of Processes for Enhancement Counts Check Changed Data Processes Check Deleted Processes Check the 'Type' of Impacted Processes Check the Complexity of Impacted Processes

3.5.5 Cross Check Impacted Data and Transaction Function Types

3.5.6 Re-count a Typical System Module

3.6 Completing the Review

3.7 Review the Updated Application Baseline Count

4 Reporting the Review

4.1 Review Report

4.2 Feedback to the Function Point Coordinator

4.3 Feedback to the Counter

Appendix A - Count Review Planning Forms

Appendix B - Development and Application Review Result Forms

Appendix C – Enhancement Count Review Results

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