SAP FPA Standards & Procedures Manual

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Total Metrics Function Point Analysts have been functionally sizing SAP Applications and projects since 1995. The guidelines and procedures detailed in this manual are based upon their experiences at numerous client sites both in Australia and overseas.


The guidelines in this manual refer specifically to SAP R/3 implementations, however the issues addressed are equally applicable to any applications based upon packaged software.


The intended audience for the manual/s would be:

  • Metrics team members and coordinators responsible for administration and implementation of software measurement
  • Core Metrics Team Members who will perform audit and quality assurance functions.
  • All persons who participate in, or are responsible for the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of Function Points


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SAP FPA Standards and Procedures Manual


1 Foreword

2 Purpose

2.1 Background

2.2 Objectives of SAP FPA Counting

2.3 Major Issues

2.4 SAP FPA Standards and Procedures

3 Scope

3.1 FPA Participants

3.2 SAP Applications

3.3 SAP Functions

3.4 SAP In Scope Functions

3.5 Count Purpose

4 Actions

4.1 Responsibilities

4.1.1 Application Expert

4.1.2 Function Point Counter

4.2 Count Boundary

4.3 Count Level

4.3.1 SAP Application Baseline Function Point Counts

4.3.2 SAP Enhancement Project Counts

4.4 Count Source Information

4.5 Identification of Functional Components

4.5.1 Identification of Data Functions

4.5.2 Identification of Transactional Functions

4.6 Classification of Functional Components

4.6.1 Classification of Data Functions

4.6.2 Classification of Transactional Functions

4.7 Assessment of Functional Components

4.7.1 Assessment of Data Functions

4.7.2 Assessment of Transactional Functions

4.7.3 Assessment of General Systems Characteristics

4.8 Count Recording Standards

4.8.1 Development of SAP Functional Hierarchy

4.8.2 Functional Naming Standards

4.8.3 Mapping Physical to Logical Transactions

4.8.4 Module Cross Referencing

4.8.5 Transaction Cross Referencing

4.8.6 Technical Transactions

4.8.7 Use of Attributes

4.8.8 Use of Transaction Notes

4.8.9 Count Documentation

4.8.10 Count Review Procedures

5 Measures

6 References

7 Appendix A. Function Point Count Levels

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