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IT Metrics and Productivity Institute (ITMPI)

The ITMPI is an organization founded by Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) to improve the practice and management of software development and maintenance. The ITMPI seeks to accomplish its mission through the promotion of best practices in the areas of Software Process, Software Metrics, Software Estimation, and IT Governance.The ITMPI also provides a free weekly eZine - IT Metrics and Productivity Journal on best practices in Software Development, Maintenance, and Management. This highly focused e-newsletter aims to educate serious minded software and IT professionals on these four main theme areas. This e-newsletter also includes "Special Edition" interviews several times each month. These interviews are conducted with renowned software authors, CIOs from major corporations, and thought leaders from top software research organizations. They will share with you practical insights and lessons learned on a variety of issues related to each of our four main theme areas.


The MetSIG Web Site feature functionality will bring out the latest news in Metrics to the MetSIG Membership as well as provide webinars covering the globe in search of "Best In Category Metrics". This will be the first time the MetSIG has been able to have this type of reach to our membership, as this is a great step forward in raising the value proposition we provide to our members and business partners.

The Software Assurance Technology Center (SATC)

The SATC was founded to become a NASA center of excellence in software assurance, dedicated to making measurable improvement in the quality and reliability of software developed for GSFC and NASA.

Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK)

The Industrial Advisory Board of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) project recognizes that due process was followed in the development of the Guide (Trial Version) and endorses the position that the Guide (Trial Version) is ready for field trials for a period of two years.

SEI Information Technology

SEI Information Technology is an IT consulting organization with a well-earned reputation for addressing its clients' complex challenges with business acumen and innovative technical solutions. Headquartered in Chicago, SEI has offices nationwide and employs nearly 400 highly skilled business and technology consultants, business analysts, and seasoned project managers. SEI specializes in large-scale, full-lifecycle project efforts conducted in strategic partnership with some of the world's most prominent companies.

Project Management Institute PMI

PMI is the leading nonprofit professional association in the area of Project Management. PMI establishes Project Management standards, provides seminars, educational programs and professional certification that more andmore organizations desire for their project leaders.

The Practical Software and Systems Measurement Support Center (PSMSC)

PSM was developed to meet today's software and system technical and management challenges. It describes an issue-driven measurement process that will address the unique technical and business goals of your organization. The guidance in PSM represents the best practices used by measurement professionals within the software and system acquisition and engineering communities.

Software Metrics Research Center & Laboratory

Established at the Naval Postgraduate School to assist US' Department of Defence (DOD) to improve the quality of software products and increasing the productivity of its software developers and maintainers.

SQI- Software Quailty Institute

The main purpose of the Institute is to provide a focus in Queensland for expertise in software quality and to serve as a catalyst for innovations in software quality techniques. It is engaged in a program of action research with the local software industry and in basic research focused on rigorous computer-assisted program development. The Institute provides consulting and professional support to industry on setting up and managing software quality systems and on using national and international software standards.

SPIN- Software Process Improvement Network

The ACS National Software Process Impovement Network (SPIN) is focused on improving the process in which software is developed and maintained. The purpose of SPIN is to foster software productivity and quality improvement with the goal of improving the effectiveness, efficiency, and competitiveness of the Australain software industry. The members of the group are the basis of a network of software professionals and managers from business, government, and academia interested in sharing their experiences and learning from each other and from software experts in the IT industry and universities.

The Software Cost Modeling System (COSMOS)

The Software Cost Modeling System (COSMOS) eases the task of estimation for software development projects. COSMOS allows you to estimate project size and effort by using the Function Point, COCOMO (COnstructive COst MOdel), and Rayleigh models.

ESCOM European Software Control and Metrics

Escom has over 12 years of bringing innovations to industry in the application of metrics to software projects ... ... you heard it first at Escom! Escom is a bridge between practitioners, consultants and academia. Escom is an independent series of conference organised by its regular attendees on a not-for-profit basis.

The Software Engineering Information Repository

SEIR provides a forum for the contribution and exchange of information concerning software engineering improvement activities. Registered members of the SEIR can exchange questions or tips and contribute (deposit)experiences or examples to assist each other with their implementation efforts. In the process of contributing this information, SEIR members are building a knowledge base in this repository for their future use. The SEIR site compliments the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Web site. While the SEI Web site is a good source of information on practices and methods leading to improvement, the SEIR provides data and information on the experiences, benefits and use of these practices and methods in the field.