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The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group is a not-for-profit organisation with the mission to help improve the management of IT resources by both business and government through the provision and exploitation of public repositories of software engineering knowledge that are standardised, verified, recent and representative of current technologies.

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group aims to fulfill its mission by growing, maintaining and exploiting three repositories of software metrics:
1. Software Development and Enhancement
2. Software Maintenance and Support
3. Software Package Acquisition and Implementation

NEW Book

Practical Software Project Estimation
A Toolkit for Estimating Software Development Effort & Duration
Compiled and Edited by Peter Hill
Pam Morris acknowledged for her content in chapters 5 & 6, for chapter 15 on estimating cost, and for reviewing other chapters.

Available from the ISBSG website

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ISBSG Special Analysis Reports

Their latest special analysis report looks at Effort Distributions across Software Project. eg. phase ratio break-down for enhancement and new development projects, compares these with the data from the five phase projects and provides examples of how to use these ratios in project planning and management.

Other Reports incude topics such as:

  • Web Projects - how are they different?
  • Techniques & Tools - Special Report II
  • Planning Projects - Phase Effort Ratios
  • Team Size impact on productivity and delivery
  • Software Project Costs - Special Report
  • Package Customisation - What to expect
  • Software Project Estimates - How accurate are they?
  • Planning Projects - Role Effort Ratios
  • Early Lifecycle Software Estimation

The International Software Benchmarking Repository: A CAI State of the Practice Interview

In this issue of the IT Metrics & Productivity Journal, Peter Hill, Executive Director of International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) is interviewed. In addition, this issue includes a paper by Peter Hill which provides an update on the content of the ISBSG body-of-knowledge and an insight into how it is currently being used; and a report, published by the ISBSG, which provides several formulas that you can use to obtain indicative or "ball park" estimates for effort.

Read the following articles on: 1. A CAI State of the Practice Interview with Peter Hill, Executive Director of the ISBSG
2. The ISBSG Data and its Uses
3. ISBSG Special Analysis Report: Early Lifecycle Software Estimation