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ACOSM Conference 2001 - Improving the Maturity of the FPA Process
Pam Morris – November 2001
"Measurement is a key to successful software development............." (2.675Kb pdf file)
Pam Morris – November 2000
Pam Morris is the Australian representative on the COSMIC project team that developed the COSMIC-FFP method. This presentation discusses the basic principles of the COSMIC-FFP method, the structure of the project and presents the latest results from the recent field trials. These industry based trials were conducted across 3 continents and tested the applicability, ease of use and repeatability of the new method, as well as, its ability to improve the accuracy of software development performance measurement, and of estimating methods for software development (925Kb pdf file)
Age Article 24th June 2003-Hard Rules For Software
Interview with Pam Morris - 2003
Pam Morris CEO of Total Metrics in an Interview with David Braue which discusses how new software development practices are being put in place to circumvent software project budget blowouts and cancellations.
Auditing FPA Counts
P.M. Morris and J.M Desharnais – September 1996
The paper identifies common sources of errors made during FPA and cites potential reasons for variances from the expected norm. The structured validation methodology described in the paper was the first ever published for function point analysis. It was developed by the authors based on their collective experiences of performing FPA and evaluating the results for over 300 software applications. They recommend that all results from Function Point Analysis be validated before being formally accepted and used by an organization. (100Kb pdf file)
This presentation on Benchmarking was given by Ewa Wasylkowski at ACOSM 2003 (3910 Kb pdf file)
comparison of IFPUG and COSMIC
Pam Morris - 2003
Published in Proceedings from IFPUG Fall Conference Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, September 2003. click here for the pdf
Comparison of IFPUG and COSMIC
Similarities and differences between these ISO standard methods
Conflict and Litigation between Software Clients and Developers
Capers Jones – September 2000
The article written by Capers Jones, one of the worlds foremost experts in Software Metrics, describes a methodology, using function point metrics, to monitor the performance of software development projects to minimize chances of litigation between the client and their software suppliers. (73Kb pdf file)
The Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC) is pleased to announce that the major upgrade of the COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method, version 3.0, is now available. The three documents listed below may now be downloaded, free-of-charge and are also available from 'Documentation Overview and Glossary of Terms', which gives an overview of all COSMIC method documentation and lists and defines all terms that are common to all COSMIC documents.  (195kb pdf file)

'Method Overview', which gives an introduction to the method for beginners and those interested in converting from '1st Generation' FSM methods. (286kb pdf file)

'Measurement Manual', which is the main reference document for practical use of the method. (700kb pdf file)
COSMIC-FFP & IFPUG-Similarities & Differences
COSMIC-FFP Newsletter January 2006
This newsletter reports significant achievements and developments for the COSMIC-FFP Method. This article by the COSMIC Measurement Practices Committee can be downloaded from the Downloads section in the LHS menu, under Resources
COSMIC-FFP Newsletter July 2007
The main changes in COSMIC V3.0 are briefly outlined in the COSMIC News, and are described in detail in the Measurement Manual
COSMIC-FFP Newsletter March 2008
This newsletter discusses the increasing numbers of satisfied users of this method with the increasing interest in COSMIC certification exam. There is also an update on what is happening with COSMIC V3.0.
Counting at Different Levels of Accuracy
Guide to a standard method of determining how to count for different purposes
Directing Change: A Guide to Governance of Project Management
Earned Value Business Management
Patrick Weaver – February 2002
To succeed in this environment, project managers need to use techniques to regain effective control of their projects. One of the most effective is to harness the power of Earned Value Analysis to create a high level of visibility (particularly early in the project) and to use the persuasive power created by the regular reporting process to regain control. (154Kb pdf file)
First Count
Forgotten Aspects of FSM
Paul Goodman & Pam Morris – July 1999
Paul Goodman (author of the well know software measurement book Practical Implementation of Software Metrics) discusses a presentation of Pam Morris on the other ways we can use the Function Point Analysis methodology to build on the concept of quantifying the User view of the software.
FP Outline Development Baseline
FP Outline Enhancement Package
Function points Case Study Australia
Pam Morris – October 2001
"Measuring the size of the software product from the perspective of what gets delivered to the user" (186Kb pdf)
Getting More Bang for Your Buck from Function Point Counting
Pam Morris – October 2001
This ppt. presentation proposes a set of standards for different types of counts so that we may describe a count to be documented to a particular level. It will also describe the different types of count results that may be delivered and the cost vs the benefits of the different options. (2.63Mb pdf file)
Global IT Project Management Survey
KPMG's Information Risk Management group are pleased to launch this survey which provides useful guidance on the essential factors behind successful project management. (876kb Pdf File)
Grant Rules Relative Size Scale
'Small project', 'medium-size project' and 'large project': what do these terms mean? This article discusses the feasibility and practicality of categorizing projects according to size. (298kb Pdf File)
How Productive are Government Software Projects?
How Productive are Government Software Projects? (282 Kb pdf file)
How Programmers Learn New Skills
Capers Jones – March 2000
What channels are available to software professionals for learning new skills? How good are the available ways of learning, and what new ways are likely to occur? (29Kb pdf file)
How to use FP Metrics in a Project
How Function Point based measurement can be used across the project lifecycle
Implementing Mature FPA Process
Pam Morris - 2002
This paper analyses the implementation of metrics from a CMMI maturity aspect, matching the metrics success with an organisation's overall capability to implement the measurement process and the maturity of their other software development processes. It reviews the activities identified in the 'Measurement Process' as defined in the ISO standard 15939, mapping the relevant aspects of the ISO standard to the implementation of successful functional sizing. It provides guidance to implement a sustainable, repeatable, managed, controlled and effective FPA process by identifying all the procedures and activities, a mature FPA process needs to implement, beyond the execution of the measurement.(377Kb pdf file)
Invitation for Research Trials into the Assessment of SoftwareMeasurement
The Centre for Advanced Software Engineering Research (CAESER) at the University of New South Wales invites organisations to participate in research leading to improved methods for assessing the performance of software measurement in organisations.

(174kb Pdf File)
ISO Guidance for Delegates
Provides a background on the ISO Organisations, their standards and how you can participate. (739kb Pdf File)
IT Balanced Scorecards-Suncorp Journey to a Contemporary Model
IT Balanced Scorecards - Suncorp's Journey to a Contemporary Model - ppt. presentation by Ian Ashley (1,084kb Pdf File)
IT Spending–Assessing Value for Money with the Assistance of Function Point Analysis
Kerry Carroll - 2002
Kerry Carroll CPA, is involved in the commercial management of IT contracts and discusses the application of function point analysis when used in conjunction with financial analysis and its benefits to financial managers. (83Kb pdf file)
Levels of Function Point Counting
Total Metrics
A function point count can be conducted at a number of levels, each of which provides a count which has its decisions documented to different levels of detail and results within different bounds of accuracy. This paper discusses when different levels of accuracy are appropriate.
Mature Measurement 2002 FSM standards in place
Measurement of Measurement Project
Mike Berry - April 2001
"A Targeted Assessment of the Software Measurement Process" (339.29Kb pdf file)
Measures for Success-Lessons Learned from Applying PSM by Cheryl Jones
This presentation, which was made at the recent IFPUG Conference in San Diego, will descibe how to mweasure for success by offering lessons learned from applying PSM (196kb Pdf File)
Measuring SAP or ERP Applications
Marie O'Neill - 2002
Marie O'Neill presented to the JFPUG conference May 2002. A presentation which describes the issues that may arise for the Functional Size practitioner when approaching the task of measuring applications that were delivered using SAP or other ERP Applications. It reviews the purpose of counting SAP, the likely availability of appropriate documentation, thoughts on the time involved compared with measurement in other environments, reliability of results, uses of the results, input required from the client, useful structuring of the functional size documentation. This presentation is made from the perspective of a qualified practitioner (MkII and IFPUG), who is also involved in the development of international standards for functional size measurement, and in the development of the COSMIC-FFP measurement method. (247Kb pdf file)
Metrics Based Project Governance
Pam Morris - 2005
The Scope Manager's role is both that of 'quantity surveyor' & project auditor. This paper defines this role & descibes the process & the benefits of the metrics they bring to a project. It discusses how organisations typically do not harness the potential of the metrics personnel in their organisation to pro-actively assist project teams manage risk. The engagement of independant Scope Managers on a project assists in assuring successful projects or providing early warning of projects in trouble. Published in 'Software Measurement - Research & Application. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Software Metrics & DASMA Software Metrik Kongress', following the IWSM/Metrikon 2004 pdf file
Online IFPUG Exam
Overview COSMIC field trial results
Abran A., Symons C., Oligny S., - November 2000
Provides an overview of the recent international trials for the latest functional size measurement method. COSMIC-FFP. The results of the trials indicate the COSMIC method is very effective in measuring software for productivity comparison and estimating purposes particularly for real-time and embedded software. (41Kb pdf file)
Pam Morris - Case Study of a Successful Measurement Program
Pam Morris - 2007
This paper reviews the implementation of measurement using the ISO/IEC15939 framework and examines how the measures have provided new (and some unexpected) insights into their development and enhancement processes. It also examines the key success factors of this measurement program that has been effective and evolving for over 2 years and how senior management responded to the measurement data and incorporated it in their decision making. Published in proceedings from the Software Measurement European Forum (SMEF) 2007
Pam Morris - Cost of Speed
Many organisations are seeking to optimise their processes to deliver more functionality, faster AND at a lower cost. However, the objectives of faster delivery and lower costs; may be in contention. Although an IT department might respond to change requests quickly, as a result it will deliver annually less software at a significantly higher cost per unit of functionality than if change requests were more carefully considered and consolidated. Since quantitative measurement of IT output (function points delivered) is frequently not monitored, business sponsors are often unaware of the significant decrease in IT cost effectiveness resulting from their decision to implement short sharp projects. This article looks at an Australian organisation that, after reviewing the costs to deliver functionality of their small projects, has evaluated the cost versus the business value of ‘faster time to market’ and revised their delivery strategy to optimise both cost effectiveness and speed of delivery.
Performance Managemnt-Measurement for Informed Decisions
Pam Morris – February 2002
Using Measurement for Informed Decision Making - A step towards IT Maturity : The presentation focus on functional size measurement as a critical project measure for quantifying project scope early in the project lifecycle so that the scope is effectively monitored and controlled. It will discuss several Australian industry case studies that illustrate how such basic measures of software size can be effectively used to provide invaluable input into critical decisions such as accepting supplier quotations, evaluating supplier performance and making that critical decision to cancel a late project. (164Kb pdf file)
Process Benchmarking Tony Rollo
This powerpoint presentation was given by Tony Rollo at ESEPG 2006, Amsterdam
Project Size Estimation
Project Start Up Conundrum
Patrick Weaver and Lynda Bourne – March 2002
Patrick Weaver and Lynda Bourne presented to the PMI Melbourne Chapter, March 2002. - at the time when the project team can exert the greatest influence on a projects overall success (for the lowest cost), the team itself is at its least effective! This is the conundrum. (72Kb pdf file)
Project Tracking Using Functional Size Measurement
Pam Morris - 2003
This paper was presented at the 7th Australian Management Performance Symposium Canberra February 2003. (3990Kb pdf file) This document can be downloaded from the Downloads section in the LHS menu, under Resources
Resources for Implementing a Metrics Program
Pam Morris - 2001
In order to ensure accurate function point results, the measurement process itself needs to be predictable, repeatable and auditable. This article identifies the major aspects of a function point program that need to be established if the program is to be useful and sustainable. click here for the pdf
Resources to Implement a Metrics Program
The resources your organisation needs to commit to implement an FPA based Measurement Process
Role of Measurement in Mature Project Management
Pam Morris – January 2002
“Measure what you want to improve. The very act of measuring a business process can result in improvement” This presentation will discuss functional size measurement as a critical project measure for assessing project size so that IT projects are effectively monitored and controlled. It will provide industry case studies that illustrate how such basic measures of software size can be effectively used to provide invaluable input into critical decisions such as accepting supplier quotations to making the decision to cancel a late project. (383Kb pdf file)
SCOPE 3.0 Help user manual
SCOPE 4.0 Benchmarking
SCOPE 5 Installation
SCOPE and Excel Comparison
SCOPE and FPW Comparison
SCOPE what's new in 5.1
Soft factors and software productivity-which ones matter?
<Chris Lokan - 2002
Chris Lokans' presentation to the Victorian Branch, ASMA, Public Forum 24th July 2002. 130Kb pdf file)
Software Development Projects in Government Performances,Practices and Predictions
This report provides a global view of the best practices of software development and acquisition by Government. It uses the ISBSG data repository of over 2,000 projects to examine current practices and productivity. It provides a series of Case Studies highlighting best practice within government. (517Kb pdf file)
Software Measurement Empirical Support
This paper by Luigi Buglione and Alain Abran was presented at the 15th International Workshop on Software Measurement (IWSM 2005) in Montréal, Canada. (117kb Pdf File)
Software Metrics Now and in the Future
Pam Morris - JFPUG Conference Tokyo Japan 2000
Discusses how organizations are currently using software measurement as part of outsourcing contracts, software scope control and software asset valuations and the benefits and issues they experience. (2754Kb pdf file)
Total Metrics - Counting Non-Functional User Requirements
Pam Morris - 2006
This paper determines whether a requirement is functional and whether it is included/excluded from the count is specific for the target application we are counting and the purpose of the count.
Total Metrics - What is a Unique Functional Requirement?
Pam Morris - 2006
The current view of the CPC to just look at uniqueness of DETs, FTRs and processing logic to determine uniqueness, whilst this is sufficient for most instances it is not for all. This paper discusses what is needed to satisfy the criteria to be seen as different functional requirements by the user.
Uses and Benefits of Function Point Analysis
Pam Morris - 2001
Provides insights on ways function point analysis can be used throughout the development life-cycle, from early inception through to support, to better manage and control the IT environment.
Uses Benefits Function Points
The resources your organisation needs to commit to implement an FPA based Measurement Process
Using COSMIC - FFP to size E-Commerce Projects
Tony Rollo – ACOSM 2000

Tony Rollo (SMS) The paper compares the effectiveness and methodology of using COSMIC-FFP functional sizing method to IFPUG FPA when counting WWW applications. It concludes that COSMIC-FFP method compares favourably with the IFPUG method as many of the issues experienced with FPA and WWWW applications are resolved using the COSMIC method.
Using COSMIC-FFP E-Commerce
Tony Rollo – ACOSM 2000
Tony Rollo, UKSMA Management Committee, discuses the problem with sizing web based applications (156.8Kb pdf file)
Using FPA in Project Governance
Pam Morris - 2003
This paper was presented at ACOSM-Metrics 2003 9th International Software Metrics Symposium, September 2003. (4342Kb pdf file)
Validating Function Point Counts
Pam Morris - JFPUG Conference Tokyo Japan 2000
Provides an overview of the Total Metrics methodology for implementing a structured auditing procedure for the validation and review of function point counts. (1858Kb pdf file)
Validation of Application Results of COSMIC-FFP to Switching Systems
Shin-ichi Nagano, Ken-ichi Mase, Yasuo Watanabe, Takaichi Watahiki, Shigeru Nishiyama Research and Development Center, NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE EAST CORPORATION

We applied the COSMIC-FFP method, the latest functional size measurement method, to 13 enhancement projects of our switching systems software ranging from 4 to 121CFSUs, the units of COSMIC-FFP. In this paper, we describe the motivation we had for the decision to try to apply COSMIC-FFP, issues on its application to switching software, its measurement characteristics such as speed of measurement, relationship between functional size in CFSU and costs. We have good results from the linear regression analysis of relationship between CFSUs and costs. Factors that affected the results are also analyzed. (174Kb pdf file)
Verifying Function Point by IFPUG
Gerhard Wittig, Eberhard Rudolf , Gavin Finnie and Pam Morris – 1998 IFPUG Conference
This paper evaluates the values assigned in the IFPUG counting rules with the ‘value’ assessed by the business user of the function. The methodology used for the assessment utilises the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) techniques capability to do comparisons on pairs of functional components. (25Kb pdf file)
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Which Functional Size Method to Use?
Guide for the criteria to choose a Functional Size Measurement Method