Metrics Glossary

Software Metrics Glossary W

WAN Wide Area Network (Reference ITIL® Sept 2002)
well-defined process A process that includes readiness criteria, inputs, standards and procedures, verification mechanisms such as peer reviews, outputs, and completion criteria. [SPICE BPG 0.06] ( Reference : SEI:SE-CMM)
WFD Work Flow Diagram (Reference ITIL® Sept 2002)
WIP Work In Progress (Reference ITIL® Sept 2002)
Work-around Method of avoiding an Incident or Problem, either from a temporary fix or from a technique that means the Customer is not reliant on a particular aspect of a service that is known to have a problem ITIL Sept 2002
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) An extension of an organizational, product or process chart where the essential components of a project can be depicted in graphical form. WBSs identify the major project items (organizations, products or processes), activities and tasks, and breaks them into individual units or work packages. ( Reference : SC7/WG8:16326)
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) A deliverable-oriented grouping of project elements which organizes and defines the total scope of the project. Each descending level represents an increasingly detailed definition of a project component. Project components may be products or services. ( Reference : PMI:PMBOK)
Work effort Labor resources required for the production of a specified output. Here referring to the effort required to develop or maintain an application. Labor resources are usually expressed as work hours. ( Reference : IFPUG CPM 4.1)
work environment set of conditions under which a person operates ( Reference : TC176:ISO 9000:2000)
Work Package A deliverable at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure. A work package may be divided into activities. ( Reference : PMI:PMBOK)
Work product The product that is created by information systems work, here the result of a software development effort. ( Reference : IFPUG CPM 4.1)
work product an artefact associated with the execution of a process ( Reference : ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7:15504-9)
work product All the data, files, documents, assemblies, components, etc., generated in the course of performing any process. [SE-CMM] ( Reference : SEI:SE-CMM)
Workaround A response to a negative risk event. Distinguished from contingency plan in that a workaround is not planned in advance of the occurrence of the risk event. ( Reference : PMI:PMBOK)
Working Meta-model The working meta-model is the definition of the specific meta-objects that may be instantiated in the model section of a CDIF Transfer. The working meta-model comprises the meta-objects in the CDIF Semantic Meta-model that are used by the subject areas referenced in the meta-model section of the transfer, and the meta-objects defined as extensions in the meta-model section. ( Reference : ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7; CDIF:15474-1)
Worksystem The work system comprises a combination of people and working equipment, acting together in the work process, to perform the work task, at the work space, in the work environment, under the conditions imposed by the work task. (ISO 6385) ( Reference : ISO/TC159/SC4/WG 6:HCLP-PAS)
Write (-type) a Write refers to data attributes found in one data group. Functionally, a Write sub-process sends data lying inside the functional process to which it belongs to storage A Write is considered to include certain associated data manipulation sub-processes. Reference :COSMIC-FFP MM Version 2.1
written procedure (See procedure.) ( Reference : SEI:SA-CMM)