Metrics Documentation Toolkit

Fully customisable for your organisation's needs. Assists organisations to implement a mature Function Point Counting process in a rigorous, repeatable and auditable way.

FPA Procedures Manual
Provides detailed process for the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of function point counts.
FPA Issues and Resolutions Manual
Provides a set of common FPA counting issues with documented resolutions and guidelines for counting. These resolution guidelines are conformant with IFPUG 4.2 Counting Practices Manual.
FPA Validation Manual
Provides a process for auditing the correctness and completeness of function point counts.
SAP FPA Standards & Procedures Manual
Endeavours to address a broad range of SAP experiences. Users of the manual are encouraged to review the issues addressed and, where required, to customise the proposed guidelines to suit the circumstances of their own SAP site installation. Even at the one client site, where multiple installations of SAP implement different functional modules, differences are seen. Consequently, in addition to these guidelines it is recommended that each SAP function point count be supplemented by a Function Point Count Report that addresses application specific counting issues. Such reports are invaluable in providing future Function Point Analysts with guidance for ongoing enhancement project counts.