SCOPE Viewer™

The free downloadable SCOPE Viewer™ lets you view and analyse function point counts performed using SCOPE Professional™ and SCOPE Enterprise™.

SCOPE Viewer™ allows you to easily share your function point counts. Others can run their own reports on your counts and review your counting decisions. SCOPE Viewer™ saves you time by eliminating the need to distribute multiple reports.

Note, please match the version of SCOPE Viewer™ to the SCOPE database that you will be viewing. If you open an earlier version of the SCOPE database with a later version of SCOPE, the database will be converted to the format of the later version of SCOPE.

SCOPE Professional and SCOPE Enterprise can selectively extract 'SnapShots' of Releases or Counts

SCOPE Professional™ and SCOPE Enterprise™ allow you ‘extract’ a Release with all its counts or just a Count Session for a Release and all their details and save them into a new SCOPE Database. You can then send this to reviewers who have SCOPE Viewer™. This protects the confidentiality of your portfolio data; it allows you to extract only the Counts relevant to a reviewer. Once they have reviewed the counts, you can make the appropriate changes to the master repository using SCOPE Professional or SCOPE Enterprise™.

Download SCOPE Viewer 5.2Download SCOPE Viewer 5