Linking trees to each other

I want to be able to globally link a tree component to whole branches in another tree without selecting each child node separately. Ie. Globally link all the child components under a selected branch.

  • Ensure that you are in ‘link mode’ by selecting the link icon on the top menu.
  • Locate your focus on the LHS Tree and in the RHS window select the tree that you want to link to
  • Select a node on the on RHS tree (this can be the Root Node, or a branch node) and ‘right click’ the mouse button.
  •  From the drop down list select <Link>, <Set All>.
  • All descendants of the currently selected node will be now linked to the node highlighted in the LHS tree.

You can perform a similar action to clear Links. You can selectively link to globally Update or Read Only for linking Processes to Data Groups and selectively only link to flagged nodes.

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