Merging, Annotating and Searching SCOPE Reports

How do I Merge, Annotate and Search SCOPE Reports?

If you have MS Office® 2003 or later, you can select to Preview the report and from SnapShot Viewer select to Print the Report to the printer called MS Office® Image Writer.
MS Office® Image Writer will open and then allow you to:

  • annotate the Report
  • insert text boxes
  • merge this report with other SCOPE reports or other documents
  • search for specific text (select Tools, "Recognise Text for OCR")
  • save as a Microsoft Document Imaging Format file (*.mdi)
  • You can also print SCOPE Reports to a PDF file and aggregate them into a single PDF file for distribution.

    If you save the Report as a WORD® format you can use all the WORD® functionality to format and search reports.