Editing Elementary Process, Data, Note and Attribute Trees

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movieIcon Building the Hierarchical Trees Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to:

  • Understand the structure of the SCOPE windows which are based on 4 'objects' Functions, Data , Notes and Attributes
  • Navigate and switch views between the 4 SCOPE objects and the Detail screen
  • Insert new Nodes both at group level and detailed level
  • Move nodes around a tree and copy and paste
  • Sort a tree branch
  • Link a node on one tree to a node on another tree
  • Insert new Elementary Processes, Logical Files and Notes
  • Set Data Entry defaults to speed up data entry
movieIconFiltering - Using Links as Search Criteria Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to :

  • Filter your Functional Model to quantitatively report different subsets of information that are displayed as 'flagged nodes'
  • Save the selection criteria that you used and re-apply it at a later date
  • Save the filtered result (flagged nodes) and re-display them at a later date
  • Cumeralatively apply filters previously saved to refine your reported flagged result

This feature is useful when you to :

  • Find potentially impacted processes when you have a Change Request that impacts the data stored within a File - you can use the filtering option to find all the processes that use a logical file
  • Quantify the functionality that matches a defined set of criteria - eg. when you have linked processes to an attribute you can filter on the attribute and SCOPE will report the functional size of all Processes and data linked to that Attribute
  • Quantify the proportion of functionality that satisfies a particular combination of requirements eg. find all the processes that are linked to a particular file, that are 'mandatory' to be in this Release ( linked to the 'mandatory' attribute) AND still have outstanding errors (linked to Notes - Error identified).