SCOPE Software Tutorial



This half day training course has been specifically designed for people understand Function Point Analysis (FPA) but need to know and how to apply it using the FPA repository software - SCOPE Project Sizing SoftwareTM. The course teaches all features and functions of SCOPE.


Course topics

  • understanding Applications, Releases and Count Sessions
  • setting-up a function point count
  • recording process and data group type and complexity
  • recording notes
  • linking processes, data, notes and attributes
  • when to use notes and attributes
  • recording how processes access data groups
  • recording RETs and DETs in data groups
  • using filters to flag and highlight functions and data that satisfy selected criteria
  • Reporting count profiles
  • Saving Filters and Flags
  • Using SCOPE to monitor scope creep in a Release
  • Recording Project Attributes for ISBSG submission in SCOPE
  • Exporting Count reports to Microsoft WORD and EXCEL
  • Measuring project Rework
  • Measuring multiple Change Requests within a single release
  • Updating your production Release with the latest project count
  • Guidelines for managing your SCOPE database



Function Point Analysis and how it applies within SCOPE integrated with practical exercises. All aspects of the SCOPE Project Sizing SoftwareTM is reinforced in the practical exercises. The course investigates how to use SCOPE software in a project governance role to monitor and control project scope creep, prioritise functionality, identify specification deficiencies.


All potential SCOPE users eg. Project managers, business clients, business analysts and/or application developers.


Click for the price for an in-house ½ day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).

Course is FREE if user purchases more than 15 copies of SCOPE software.

"Learn all the features and functions of SCOPE software"