7    SCOPE can be used by Novices 

SCOPE has a modern Windows 7 standard intuitive interface which optimises the use of Windows ‘shortcuts’ and function keys.  All the key components of a count (Processes, Data, Notes and Attributes) have been modelled to behave identically so that once the User learns to maintain, link and report one component (which is similar to the way MS Explorer® works), they can effectively use all SCOPE functionality.

SCOPE Viewer™ has proven that Users who have no function point knowledge or FP tool experience can effectively review counts and run reports in SCOPE

 Benefits of SCOPE for  ease of learning

   o  SCOPE  can be used effectively with minimal or no training by anyone, thus making count results immediately accessible to  new FPA staff and business users who review counts
   o  SCOPE significantly reduces training time and costs
   o  SCOPE makes it easier for new users to migrate from counting on spreadsheets