Table Data Reports

Detailed or Summary

Earned Value, Project Estimate and NESMA Counts


Over 40 Functional Size Reports

SCOPE enables print and previews of all reports, plus it will export all reports to Microsoft WORD®, Microsoft EXCEL® or HTML. In preview mode you can send the report via email or save as a viewable file or send as a PDF.

  • All (>40) different reports can be previewed online prior to printing.
  • All data entered can be reported. All linked information can be reported via Linked List Reports.
  • Use the SCOPE 'Compare' Reports function to automatically highlight differences in SCOPE reports to identify changes in the data.
  • Reports can be filtered on any tree, any branch, as displayed or just 'flagged' functions and report all links. For example, you could select to report processes and data that are linked to a particular note and report the total size.
  • SCOPE Reports all impacted functionality for a baseline count or a new release of software, including the size of the net delivered functionality and reworked functionality. For each individual change request in the release, SCOPE reports all the project's added, changed and deleted functionality.
  • Reporting is very customisable and can be filtered to the client's specific request. It can be output to screen or saved as a Microsoft Word ,Microsoft Excel or PDF file.
  • SCOPE has the ability for a client to specify report title information for tailored reports and to produce reports in 10 languages.
  • Data in database can be queried using Microsoft Access.
  • Preview, Print or Email SCOPE Reports

    Use Report Selection Menu Option (or Ctrl P) to list the available reports for printing or preview (>40 online reports). Press + to expand the report group to select one or more individual reports for sending to the printer or viewing all content online. Clicking on the top branch will select all reports. Reports can also be displayed in Microsoft EXCEL® or Microsoft WORD®.

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    Earned Value Reporting of Project Status

    Use the Numerical Attributes capability to report your project status in terms of 'earned value', i.e. Function Points completed compared to Function Points budgeted.

    function point software, function point tool

    NESMA Enhancement Impact Reporting

    Use the Numerical Attributes capability to report your project size using the NESMA calibration of Enhancement Impacts compared to the IFPUG full function point value.

    function point software, function point tool

    Project Estimates - Effort to Develop Reporting

    Use the Numerical Attributes capability to assign productivity rates to various project components and estimate for the different technology environments or platforms - report the total effort and/or cost to deliver.

    function point software, function point tool

    Embedding SCOPE Reports into a Client Report

    If you want to have SCOPE reports embedded into another document then this can be done by either creating the SCOPE report in WORD® or EXCEL and then inserting into a WORD® document or alternatively creating the WORD® report and saving it as a PDF file and then merging SCOPE reports into the PDF file.

    Export Reports

    SCOPE enables you to send and save any of the tabular or text reports to:

    • Microsoft EXCEL®
    • Microsoft WORD®
    • HTML

    This makes it easy to embed SCOPE reports into your management reports or manipulate the data in an EXCEL® spreadsheet