Total Metrics has registered resellers for sales and support throughout the: UK, Europe, North America, China, Japan, Italy and Brazil. Please contact us to find out your nearest reseller. Total Metrics has reseller and /or partner relationships with the following industry organizations and companies all of whom are experts in their field. We are proud to be associated with them.

Galorath Seer SEM

Galorath is an associate of Total Metrics and a reseller of SCOPE Project Sizing Software™ in the USA and Europe. SCOPE integrates with SEER-SEM to share functional size data for estimates. For nearly three decades, Galorath Incorporated has been dedicated to the mathematical science of parametrics in the application of project estimation. That is why engineers, project managers and cost estimators throughout the world have turned to Galorath Incorporated for the industry’s most comprehensive decision support and project management solutions. The SEER suite of models provides a rapid and powerful view of the critical factors driving program decisions and success. SEER products assist project estimation, planning and management for a variety of domains, including: SEER for Software, SEER for IT, SEER for Hardware (Electronics & Systems) and SEER for Manufacturing.


aestimat is partner of Total Metrics in Germany and a reseller of SCOPE software. aestimat provides clients with consulting services such as process optimization, risk mitigation and vendor management. aestimat is an authorized reseller and distributor of SCOPE Project Sizing Software™.

KKE Logo

KOZO KEIKAKU ENGINEERING, Inc. is a leading consulting, design, and packaged software company in Japan. KKE and Total Metrics have enjoyed a successful relationship since April of 2002 when KKE became a distributor for Total Metrics' functional size metric documentation suite in Japan. In 2003 KKE became a distributor of Total Metrics' SCOPE Product and Size Estimation Methodology. Our continued collaboration ensures easy access to Total Metrics' products and services for all companies within the Japanese expanded region.


Venturenauts was founded by Peter McKenna and Eleanor Mak. Venturenauts works with businesses and government bodies to solve problems and accelerate business opportunities that target growth, competitiveness and revitalization. Total Metrics work with Venturenauts to provide consultancy in IT performance optimisation.

DCG Logo

David Consulting Group and Total Metrics partner to provide our clients with complete coverage of measurement services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Helping our clients reduce project risk and optimise the cost effectiveness of their software development processes.

ISBSG Partner Logo

International Software Benchmarking Standards Group deliver a repository of Software Project and Application benchmarking data to the world. Total Metrics has been a supporter and technical adviser to ISBSG since 1994. Our SCOPE Project Sizing Software collects your project data for submission to ISBSG and also interactively benchmarks against ISBSG data.

CAI Logo

IT Metrics and Productivity Institute is an organization founded by Computer Aid, Inc (CAI) to improve the practice and management of software development and maintenance. The ITMPI seeks to accomplish its mission through the promotion of best practices in the areas of Software Process, Software Metrics, Software Estimation, and IT Governance. Total Metrics regularly presents Webinars for ITMPI on Software Measurement Related topics. CAI is a global IT services firm that is currently managing active engagements with over 100 Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world.


FATTO Consultoria e Sistemas offers training and consulting in all areas of software functional sizing.  Fatto CS is the official Brazilian distributor for Total Metrics SCOPE.