Total Metrics provides training across the broad spectrum of software measurement related activities. Topics are delivered at a level to suit any audience, from management looking for an overview, to practitioners who need 'hands-on' detailed training. Our trainers are Internationally Metrics Certified and are tertiary qualified in Computer Science and Education.

Techniques for Making the Tough Decisions for Software Projects - Learn How

Our new module based training teaches metrics based governance techniques that helps you make project decisions that are based on facts rather than opinions and therefore easily communicated, verifiable and auditable. Modules are independent and therefore can be completed individually or in any order; each teaches a specific set of skills.

These leading edge techniques to enable you to confidently objectively answer questions such as:

  • How big is your project and how can you have confidence that the project cost estimates are reasonable?
  • How cost effective is your development process and would it have been cheaper to outsource?
  • How can you know the developers are providing value for money?
  • Is the change you requested really worth what you were charged?
  • AND more importantly should the project have ever been started?
    • See Module 4: Investment Management Standard

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Applied Function Point Analysis Using SCOPE

Provides an indepth and practical understanding of both Function Point Analysis (FPA) and how to apply it using the specialised Function Point tool- SCOPE Project Sizing Software™.

SCOPE Software Tutorial

Provides an indepth understanding of all the features and functions of the SCOPE Project Sizing Software™

Applied Function Point Analysis for Practitioners

Two day workshop - for people who need to gain an indepth understanding of both Function Point Analysis (FPA) and the methods by which it can be employed towards better estimation, management and control of the software development, enhancement and maintenance processes.

IFPUG CFPS Exam Preparation Workshop

For anyone requiring to improve their chances of passing the IFPUG CFPS exam or to test how they would rate if they did sit the IFPUG exam.

Function Point Analysis Counting Workshop

Extends the concepts of the Function Point Analysis (FPA) technique to cover more complex counting issues. Students apply their recently learned FPA skills on their own applications or projects and count them under supervision.

COSMIC - FSM for Realtime & Control Systems Course

For people who need to gain an indepth understanding of the latest Functional Size Measurement technique. Particularly suited for real time, embedded systems and control software

Metrics Implementation

Metrics Implementation This two day session gives Information Technology managers practical advice on how to use measurement as a management tool to help understand, control and improve their software development and maintenance processes

Software Project Estimation Workshop

This practical one day course will help with the challenge of estimating software projects. It has been designed as a valuable introduction to software project estimation for professionals who face the task of coming up with accurate estimates for effort and duration of software projects. With the approaches covered in the course you will be able to more accurately and confidently estimate the effort and duration of projects.

Validating of Function Point Counts

This one day workshop provides a structured methodology for implementing a repeatable audit process within an organisation. This course is the only course to ever receive a 'perfect score' when presented as an IFPUG Conference Workshop.

Metrics for Process Improvement

Metrics for Process Improvement In any IT Strategy, it is imperative that organisations manage and control their software applications environment by monitoring its performance. Software metrics are the resulting values obtained by the software measurement process, which indicate the performance efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of your software products and processes. As the backbone of IT, the correct assessment of your software applications can have a dramatic effect on the benefits IT can bring to your organisation in driving continuous improvement.

Key Performance Indicators Workshop

Organisations implementing process improvement need to make informed decisions about where to focus their proposed changes for maximum effect. Software Measurement provides the information necessary to ensure that your process improvement initiatives give you the desired results, cost effectively.

Function Point Analysis Project Managers Seminar

Advises software managers on how to use Function Point Analysis (FPA) as a tool to help them understand, manage and control their project development and maintenance lifecycle.

Executive Management Overview

Gives executive management an awareness of the need to use measurement as a management tool to help them understand, control and then improve their software development and support environment.