COSMIC - FFP - FSM for Realtime & Control Systems

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The two day training course has been specifically designed for people who need to gain an in-depth understanding of Functional Size Measurement (FSM) for real time, embedded systems and control software. It teaches how FSM can be employed towards better estimation, management and control of the software development and maintenance processes.


the origins of FSM, who uses it, and common areas of application.

  • step-by-step practical methodology for FPA - from planning the count through to its ongoing maintenance.
  • a detailed explanation of the underlying rules and guidelines of FPA, including examples of how to count in new technology environments as well as the more traditional ones.
  • standards and procedures which facilitate consistent and accurate use of FPA.


Function Point Analysis theory integrated with practical exercises based on counting real applications. Investigates the more controversial and obscure function point counting issues for both development and enhancement projects.


Project managers, business clients, business analysts and/or application developers.


Price for an in-house 2 day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).