Executive Management Overview

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The seminar gives executive management an awareness of the need to use measurement as a management tool to help them understand, control and then improve their software development and support environment. It answers the following questions:

  • what is involved in implementing measurement practices. What are the basic measures, the issues and benefits and the critical success factors.
  • how can an organisationeffectively use the results from measurement to monitor productivity, cost performance and quality of their software processes and products.
  • what are the basic concepts of Function Point Analysis.
  • what will be the cost of implementing measurement.
  • what is the role of executive management in implementing and maintaining successful measurement practices.
  • when can an organisation expect to achieve the benefits.


The format of the 3 hour seminar is a formal presentation with interactive discussion.


Up to 30 senior project and executive managers.


Price for an in-house session (up to 30 people), or per person price (public seminar).