Function Point Analysis Counting Workshop

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The objective of the workshop is to extend the concepts of the Function Point Analysis (FPA) technique to cover more complex counting issues. Students apply their recently learned FPA skills on their own applications or projects and count them under supervision. The workshop days consolidate their previous FPA training. Students complete the workshop with their applications or projects function point counted giving their organisations a ‘kick start’ for their function point


The Workshop may run for a single day but two or three days is recommended. It is structured so that the group explores strategies to solve common counting issues. FPA concepts are extended to include methods for implementing FPA within an organisation and estimating software size. At the completion of each workshop day FPA issues and their resolutions are shared in a group discussion.


Function point counting practitioners previously trained in function point counting, counting a maximum of 6 applications or projects.


Price for an in-house one day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).

Workshop may run one or more days, directly after training or at a later date.