Function Point Analysis Project Managers Seminar

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The one day seminar advises software managers on how to use Function Point Analysis (FPA) as a tool to help them understand, manage and control their project development and maintenance lifecycle. Topics covered in the seminar include:

  • industry based case studies where Function Point Analysis has assisted in estimating, evaluating, tracking and controlling projects
  • the basic theory of Function Point Analysis
  • how to implement Function Point Analysis within project teams
  • how to use the results of Function Point Analysis to facilitate project estimates and better manage and control project delivery and support processes
  • issues, limitations and over-heads associated with Function Point Analysis
  • when do you size software using FPA, who does it, what resources are required.


The one-day seminar combines FPA theory with interactive discussion and workshop exercises.


Project managers, business analysts, business managers, clients and software developers.

and/or application developers.


Price for an in-house one day session (up to 20 people), or per person price (public seminar).