IFPUG CFPS Exam Preparation Workshop

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Less than 60% of the people who sit the IFPUG Certification Examination actually pass the exam.

Most participants find it very difficult to satisfy the IFPUG requirement to pass by scoring greater than 90% on all three sections of the exam.

Being adequately prepared for all the ‘tricks’ in the exam and having practiced the types of questions asked under exam conditions greatly improves examinants chances.


The presenter is Pam Morris who co-authored the IFPUG CPM 4.1 FPA manual. She has been certified as a CFPS since 1994 and is certified as a CSMS Level 3 since 2006.

The morning session covers the layout of the exam, how to prepare in advance, what to take with you and how to pace yourself. It also revises the key FPA concepts tested.

The afternoon session is a 3-hour Practice Exam run under simulated Exam conditions. This Practice Exam is a completely new version developed to be aligned with the latest IFPUG examination strategy and focuses on the changes introduced in IFPUG 4.2.1.

Participants have an opportunity to identify areas or gaps in their knowledge for further study and clarify any counting questions they may have.


Price for an in-house 1 day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).


  • Student Notes
  • Sample Exam questions and answers
  • Quick ‘cheat sheet' for the essential CPM 4.2 rules