Metrics for Process Improvement

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In any IT Strategy, it is imperative that organisations manage and control their software applications environment by monitoring its performance. Software metrics are the resulting values obtained by the software measurement process, which indicate the performance efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality of your software products and processes. As the backbone of IT, the correct assessment of your software applications can have a dramatic effect on the benefits IT can bring to your organisation in driving continuous improvement. This highly interactive workshop will arm you with the knowledge to understand, develop, implement and evaluate a software metrics strategy. Step-by-step, you will discuss: The methodology behind establishing a software measurement initiative What role should software metrics play in your overall IT metrics strategy? Then how do you link this to company business plans? How to design the correct KPIs to deliver information that can be used to improve organisational productivity.


The role in software measurement in establishing targets and monitoring IT outsourcing and software development contracts Critical success factors for implementing software measurement Measuring the software product how do we use functional size measurement methods to quantitatively measure the output from IT


People responsible for the quality of software products and the management and control of software production processes.


Price for an in-house one day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).