Software Project Estimation Workshop

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This practical course will help with the challenge of estimating software projects. It has been designed as a valuable introduction to software project estimation for professionals who face the task of coming up with accurate estimates for effort and duration of software projects. The accuracy of project estimates can have a dramatic impact on profitability. Software development projects are characterised by regularly over running their budgets and rarely meeting deadlines. With the approaches covered in the course you will be able to more accurately and confidently estimate the effort and duration of projects.


The course is suitable for Software Team Leaders, Software Development Project Managers, Software Developers, Business/Requirement Analysts, or people involved in software development projects who require knowledge of software estimation techniques. The course assumes participants have some training in software development or experience in working as part of a software development team.


The estimation approaches that will be covered are bottom up project estimation an introduction to functional size measurement, macro estimation approaches, team size and estimating duration. Participants will understand the different approaches, their strengths and weaknesses, how to apply them and the factors that impact on estimates. This course has been developed in association with the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group. It draws on industry experience of what works and what doesn't, as well as actual estimating experiences from the completed projects contained in the ISBGS software project repository.


1 Day




Price for an in-house one day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).