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Techniques for Making the Tough Decisions
for Software Projects

Total Metrics training focuses on the issues you face in planning, implementing and supporting software projects.

Our metrics based governance techniques improve the outcomes of your project decision making such that your decisions are based on facts rather than opinions and therefore easily communicated, verifiable and auditable.

Total Metrics training teaches leading edge techniques to enable you to confidently objectively answer questions such as:

  • How big is your project and how can you have confidence that the project cost estimates are reasonable? – See Module 1 – Project Estimation & Module 2 – Project Sizing
  • How cost effective is your development process and would it have been cheaper to outsource? – See Module 3 – Governance & Benchmarking
  • How can you know the developers are providing value for money? - See Module 1- Project Estimation & Module 3- Governance & Benchmarking
  • Is the change you requested really worth what you were charged? – See Module 1 – Project Estimation & Module 2 – Project Sizing
  • AND more importantly should the project have ever been started? – See Module 4 – Investment Management Standard


Total Metrics is recognized as leading the world in its training on metrics based project governance – we are the only training company, in the world whose trainers:

  • Represent their county on the ISO/IEC, and ISBSG standards for Size Measurement and Benchmarking
  • Were developers and reviewers of the IFPUG and COSMIC size measurement standards
  • Are officially certified in the Investment Management Standard, IFPUG Functional Size Measurement, COSMIC Size Measurement and Accredited Measurement Specialists to gold level
  • Are tertiary qualified in teaching and Information Technology
  • Have over 20 years IT and Metrics experience
  • Have been giving measurement and estimation training world wide since 1994

Our training is ‘module based’ so you can customize your options and choose the modules that are appropriate for your immediate and future needs.

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