Validating of Function Point Counts

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This course presents a method for checking the validity of the data collected during a function point count. Rather than relying only on the experience of the reviewer, we prescribe a methodology which incorporates a rigorous and quantitative approach to validate counts. The participant will learn how to use the validation methodology to validate the FP count results. The different steps will be explained in detail with examples of valid and invalid industry data counting activities.


Participants should be experienced with function point analysis with a strong understanding of the rules defined in the IFPUG Counting Practices Manual, Release 4.2.


The course is designed for all people who need to ensure that the data produced by their organizationís function point counter is accurate and repeatable. The need to validate counts is essential in situations where an organization needs to aggregate or compare counts and relies on data produced by more than one function point counter. The course is particularly aimed at people responsible for metrics collections, analysis, reporting and/or auditing.


Pricee for an in-house one day session (up to 12 people), or per person price (public seminar).